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Big Tex Smale

The Legend

of Big Tex

Originally written for a school play in 1981, this story was revived to support the history and legend that surrounds our friend Big Tex. I wrote and recorded the song with the help of two Texas country music legends, Grammy winner Jim Baker (of the Light Crust Doughboys) and Milo Deering.

Jack Bridges Foreword to “The Legend of Big Tex”

"Little did I know in 1952 when I created the Big Tex statue that he would still be standing at the State Fair today. We originally planned to put him up for only one year. Then thousands of school children began writing the fair, wanting Big Tex to come back. The letters came in by the truck load. As a result, Big Tex has returned every year. He belongs to the children of Texas. But he is not just known in Texas. Big Tex has been written about in Australia, Bangkok, Korea, and all over the world. He is an ambassador of good will for Texas around the United States and around the world.

When I think about what these Big Tex tales mean to kids of every age, I think about four things – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Add great imagination to the world, Subtract small thinking. Multiply your resourcefulness. Divide hard problems into workable solutions. That is what the spirit of Big Tex is about." - Jack Bridges, 1994.

Original Big Tex Sketches

These two pictures are by Jack Bridges -- the original concepts for Big Tex in 1952.

Click here to see the youtube video

Memories of Jack Bridges

A Look at the new Big Tex, State Fair of Texas 2013

Comments from teachers and students:.

The story was a success. The kids clapped when I finished. Enclosed are some comments... they are ready for the next story, so keep going. (M.S., Dallas)



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